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Celebrate YOU, No matter the reason!

Top 12 Reasons Why Boudoir Portraiture Is For You...

***1. Empowerment

One of the reasons so many women choose to do a boudoir shoot is because of the confidence they gain from it. I can't make you into someone you aren't. But what I can do is show you the confident, feminine, strong woman you already are.

**2. Bridal Boudoir

A beautiful, intimate boudoir album has quickly become the ultimate "gift to end all" gifts for your partner on your wedding day. It is something you can look through together or your partner can enjoy your gift when thinking about just how much they love you.

3. Maternity / Motherhood

Your body has not belonged to you for 9 months, and it's changed from a year ago. You should be so proud! You made a person! Motherhood is such a beautiful thing and a boudoir shoot is a great way to celebrate this time in your life.

***4. Exciting Gift Idea

Imagine the surprise on his (or her) face when he (or she) opens a book of stunning images of the woman he (she) loves the most in this world! He (she) already thinks you are the most beautiful thing! Even on your worst days


***5. Feel Sexy

You have the RIGHT to feel sexy and ALIVE! Sex and Sexy are two different things. Live for yourself, not for society and the way it has downplayed your existence. It is our job to coach you on your posing, body position, facial expressions and how to re-claim or create that emotion and feeling.

6. Healing From A Trauma

You’re a survivor. You've made it through! I have tremendous respect for your courage. It's a long journey to start believing again that you ARE worth it and that you ARE good enough. But you ARE worth it. You ARE good enough.

7. Celebrate Being Single

Breakup? It doesn't have to be a time of mourning "a loss"! The most common thing women do after a breakup is cut their hair. Well STOP! Change that! Grab a few of your good (supportive) friends, go pick up some lingerie and book your shoot!

8. F**k Cancer!

I have tremendous respect for everyone who has battled cancer. Whether you want before or after photos as a keepsake that celebrates YOUR body, after you've kicked cancer's ass and you want to celebrate the body you've fought so hard for, it would be an honor

Cheryl and Mike Hilton

**9. Celebrate Getting In Shape

Did you recently lose 10, 20, or even 50, 60+ pounds? You have been working so hard to get in shape there is no better way to celebrate those wins than by doing a boudoir shoot and showing it off.

**10. See Yourself Differently

It is unfortunate that comparing yourself to others, inherently robs you of your self worth and self esteem. Reclaim them both with a shoot. Once you see the photos, you will realize how beautiful you are!

11. Happy Birthday!

Celebrate that milestone birthday by showing those years (and experiences) were just days on a calendar to you!

****12. I've Been Depressed...

A boudoir shoot is the perfect way to begin the healing process. Some clients have said that a boudoir session is a completely life changing experience.

There are lots of reasons! What are Yours?

**Asterix above, denotes the popularity of that particular “reason”**

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